First early look at physical GTAV copies for PS5 and Xbox Series X, does not include a map poster

Grand Theft Auto V will debut its physical edition launch on April 12 just a few days away. As Rockstar Games announced it’s available to pre-order at select retail stores and the official Rockstar Store website – starting at £35/$40

Retro Gaming Future

Some fans have already obtained an early copy with some disappointing turnouts, a YouTube creator known as Retro Gaming Future uploaded a video on YouTube on 9 April, three days prior to its physical launch debut with an early look. This new glimpse confirms that it will not include the usual fashion style Los Santos map with this edition, which is really odd to say the least considering it’s been something Rockstar Games have done for all sorts of GTA releases for decades.

Retro Gaming Future

The front of the cover is slightly adjusted with a new shiny new gold border around the boxart. The back of the box art has been entirely reworked with Micheal, Franklin and Trevor having its feature, odd enough GTA Online doesn’t have a single appearance surprisingly, but I suppose this new ‘edition’ is mainly for players who want to jump into the Story Mode rather than for GTA Online,

Retro Gaming Future

The disc was updated featuring artwork from the game’s original release with all three story protagonists, although it’s not really anything new, however it was updated from its PS4 disc version counterpart.

If you would like to see an unboxing of this new version of GTAV, Retro Gaming Future has provided a full overview of this new physical version for PlayStation 5.

You can read our article on the release date and price here. Stay tuned to RockstarINTEL for future GTA Online news updates including event week articles, DLC info and more.